Nestled in Moturoa New Pymouth, waters from Mounga Taranaki slowly makes it way through the aquifer to our artisian well. Heated by us to a temperature of your choice (37.5-39.5 degrees), to your pool filled on arrival. Experience wellness sourced from the earth to you in New Plymouths very own backyard with a range of massage therapies, pools, sauna and beauty treatments.

Experienced therapists provide relaxing and remedial treatments for all your relaxation and therapeutic needs. Our therapists have several decades of experience between them to cater to your wellness.

Mineral water can also be purchased for drinking from Pure One. http://www.pureone.co.nz

opening hours

By Appointment

Tuesday – Friday 10am-7.30pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm-8pm

Closed Mondays & public holidays

Special hours the week before Christmas

Closed 25th December-8th January

Thermal Spa Historic Image

Our History

The Tarawhata Hot Mineral Baths in Bonithon Avenue were exploited following their search for oil in New Plymouth. In 1909 the Bonithon Freehold Petroleum Company drilled a 3004 foot (1000m) hole near the Devon Intermediate School grounds.

They found no oil, but plenty of warm mineral water, which ran to waste until 1914 when J. Solomon, of New Plymouth, build a 25 metre by 12 metre bathhouse which was used as a public swimming pool, as well as several private baths, all of which were enclosed in the same concrete building.

These were popular with the public and in 1939 H. Reedman, an Egyptian herbalist, advertised the Tarawhata Mineral Baths as “the most modern in the Southern Hemisphere… which compare with the famous Kreusnach Tonic Springs in Prussia, credited with Miraculous Cures in cases of Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Goitre and all Nervous Aliments as well as general Tonic for the System.”

In the mid 1960’s the baths were closed to the public but they continued to be used for several years by swimmers in training.
In 1999 this historical bathhouse was re-established.

Our Mineral Water

This unique water is full of antioxidants, and contains over 40 minerals and trace elements including

Barium Beryllium Borate Boron Bromide Cadmium Calcium

Cesium Chloride Chromium Cobalt Copper Calcium Fluoride

Iron Lithium Magnesium  Manganese Molybdenum Nickel

Nitrate Phosphate Potassium Rubidium Selenium Silica Silver

Sodium Strontium Sulfide Sulphate Vanadium Zinc

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